Ashtanga Yoga Maya

Beginners are welcome to all classes.  If you are new to Ashtanga or even entirely new to Yoga, it's no problem --  this practice is for everyone.  In these classes you will be instructed individually, at your own level and your own pace. 

The first day... You will first learn a sequence of just 9 movements, known as Suryanamaskar (also known as the Sun Salutation).  You will learn this along with a special breathing technique called Ujjahi.

The following day(s)...
You will practice Suryanamaskar until you have it memorized and feel comfortable with it  (the time this takes varies with the individual).  Then you will continue to learn movements that are linked specifically to the breath at a pace that is right for you. You won't continue until you have learned what you are doing by heart.  For a while, memory or perhaps stamina are the limiting factors, then eventually you will get to a posture that you cannot do immediately.  You will continue to work up to that posture daily, until you learn how to do it.  At this point, you will have built up a substantial practice that you do everyday and will be gradually learning postures one by one in the days, weeks months that lie ahead. 

Saturdays, moon days, "Ladies' Holiday"...
With Ashtanga Yoga, we have a day to rest every week.  At Ashtanga Yoga Maya, we take rest every Saturday as was the day that Sri K. Pattabhi Jois took as rest in his Shala in Mysore, India.  We also rest on the full moon and new moon.  Additionally, women will take rest for the first three days of their menses.  (Guruji called this "Ladies' Holiday").  Every other day is a practice day!

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